Selling My House Online UK

There are 3 options for selling your house using our online estate agent. The first option is a 1 off fixed fee of £399. This fee will cover our admin cost plus the cost of getting your property on rightmove. In order for it to be published on rightmove we need a third party to take all measurements and create a floor plan. This give the buy an excellent insight to how the property is laid out and therefore filters out anyone would be time waster straight away. We have found the addition of a floor plan increases the conversion rate between viewings and sales. As stated earlier, this is because we believe the more information you can supply to a potential buyer the more of a judge mental decision they can make. We surveyed a good proportion of our customers to find out what they didn’t like the most when selling. It was unanimous that viewings where couples or families trudging around your house was the single biggest annoyance when it comes to selling. Especially as the average house take 15 viewings before getting an offer. This means you spend 15 days where you have had to tidy up, wait in for people only to be told they aren’t interested. This is not a way i would want to sell my house.

If we can give good pictures, accurate sizes plus a real good floor plan. We also give a street view so people can take a virtual tour of the area. If someone has liked the pictures, like the sizes, liked the layout, liked the area and liked the figures…. then it makes for a lot easier sale when the viewing does come. In fact our results showed the conversion rate went to under 10 viewing until an offer was made.

Some people will tell you all viewings are good and you just might surprise someone or someone will fall in love with your house. This is possible, but if you’re relying on luck like that then you have as much chance with the way we do things.

At online estate agents UK we are always listening to the responses from our clients and always watch what is going on in the market. This means we can keep at the forefront and offer you the best chance to sell my house.

Everyone knows to sell your house in this current climate means getting it on with Estate Agent 365 or Rightmove or Zoopla.

We have a list of over 10,000 active buy to let investors all looking to purchase with a view to rent it.  if you would like to sell my house to one of these investors you need to call us.  The quick process for selling to one of our no frills buy to let house buyers is that there are no viewings, no solicitors costs, no fixed fee from us.  So basically, the figure we quote for you is the figure you receive in your bank.  This is a very popular way of selling and can off load a property very quickly.  Our investment buyers obviously have criteria they have to reach in order to purchase the property.  For example a distressed or quick sale property should have a yield in excess of 6%.  If it doesn’t you have to ask your self, is it actually with that much.  Rental figures are a good way to work out a price and let us here know a lot about the area.  We have a specialist Buy to let house buyer that is willing to discuss absolutely anything to do with buy to lets and how they can work for you.


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